My new Hummingbird Painting!

Hey Yall! Come this February my mother will be gone from us for five years. I miss her everyday. But this painting reminds me of her because she loved hummingbirds so much. So heres to you mom!

I get excited about every new piece. In the beginning before there is paint on the canvas; I have my doubts that I can do it. But then once I start putting paint on the canvas all that doubt starts to go away with every  brush stroke. lol! then after I have a lot of brush strokes on there and it has taken shape but still missing something; Im afraid I am gonna mess it up! Isnt that funny! Anyway, here ya go and I will post again on this painting!

“Painting is Poetry that is…

“Painting is Poetry that is seen rather than felt, and Poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen”
– Leonardo De Vinci

Today I’m working on painting….

Today I’m working on painting. And the next month will be painting, painting, paintings! I got to build inventory! I just realized I give everything away! I only have a handful of paintings! So a painting I will go, a painting I will go, hi ho the dairy oh a painting I will go! I’m in love with it though, so I like it! I’m not even sure I have gotten into the art show yet, but I’m gonna pretend I have and carry on.

“A Picture is a Poem…

“A Picture is a Poem without Words” – Horace

Portrait of my great neice



Portraits by commission. Email for pricing


Art Show

So there’s a new art show in town, coming Nov. 10th and I’m gonna try to enter. Its juried so they want let just anyone in. So I have to send in three pieces to show them my work. So I’m on the fence cause if I get accepted that will give me 1 month to smack out as many paintings as I can muster. I currently have little inventory because I give everything away. So do I send in my very best work, or do I send in pieces that didn’t take to long to make. Here are some examples,

So which ones should I enter to try and get into the show! Suggestions appreciated!

Hi Welcome to my blog. I am Samantha Sloop and this is my new blog site and website; Where I will be sharing my ideas and relaying new cool crafty tricks I learn along the way. I create everyday, and I get so excited to show people my creations; I decided to open this site just for that reason. I figured my facebook friends were probably getting tired of me posting my new stuff so much. So I will do it all here and not feel guilty about bombarding my friends with my creations. Oh, and I love learning new things. That’s how we grow, right! Here’s to growing! P.S. my husband says I tend to ramble, so there will be some occasional rambling, I like to be thorough!

Savings, Savings, Savings!


Hi Stamping Coop friends,

I just wanted to pass along a giant savings opportunity to my friends! Stampin’Up! will be holding this sale until September 21, 2016. So get it while supplies last and check back often cause they are changing the sale items weekly! This week is the blossom builder punch; that I have to have, for $13.50. OMG what a deal, can’t wait what comes up for sale next.

Happy Stamping!

Savings, Savings, Savings

Hi Friends,

Just thought I would share that Stampin’Up! is having a great sale! Certain items picked by Stampin’Up! will be on sale every week until September 21, 2016. Product on sale will change weekly so keep checking out this link: Stampin’Up! Sales

About Me!

Hi Friends, I am an average girl.. living an average life! I have my ups and downs and bad and good days….just like everyone else. I am living a life with a wonderful man who adores me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have two boys that are almost grown, Dakota and Darren. One is 20 and my baby is 16. I am not an empty nester but I am prepping myself for when that day comes. I have always been a stay at home mom, except I have always held a job. Fortunately for me my job let me be at home! I have been a small engine mechanic for the past ten years and I dabble in art! A little here and a little art there! Creating something and fixing things are always in my life and it is what makes me ….well me! I love to paint, scrapbook, make cards, paint furniture, create wreaths, create wood projects, embellish store bought finds, and oh yeah!…upcycle antique stuff! This blog is mainly gonna be about Stampin’Up! and card making with the added flair of my other talents!  Well because I am a Stampin’Up! Independent Demonstrator and I no longer repair small engines or the like…….I can now focus all of my attention to art and the act of art making with Stampin’Up!. I love this company and all that it represents. It is a family based company that is strong on unity of family theirs and the Stampin’Up! family. I just love that and believe in that myself! My family and my extended family are my life. My sister is my best friend. My brothers are a cornerstone in my life! I am one of four kids! We grew up poor and didn’t have much, but we grew up happy and strong! My father would always tell us, “The world is your oyster”. Of course, as a child I didn’t understand that, but as I grew older and he continually said it, “Thank you daddy”, I caught on…you make your life what YOU want it to be! So a little tidbit of my childhood! Needless to say, I have lived by that motto from my father, and shared it with my children. I make things in my life and I make my life and I would like to share that with you…. some may be good/some may be bad. We will see!  I normally jump in with both feet, so here I go! WEEEEE!